Nancy Stamatopoulos

Creative Director

My role at White Good: As Creative Director I ensure it all looks good. Correction: that it all looks GREAT. From concept to finish I strive to produce the best creative solutions.

Education: AOS Pratt Institute, BA Empire State College, MFA Kutztown University

My secret talent: Not so much a talent, but a hobby of mine…I like cycling. That surprises folks who know I spend most of my personal time on more artistic pursuits. I started riding when I lived in NYC. Whether it’s Coney Island, or Amish country roads, I’ve had fun exploring over the years.

My first job: Cleaning a local real estate office on Friday afternoons with my older brother. I was too young for working papers, so I got paid from the office petty cash. I guess it was a strong influence to how annoyingly tidy I am today.

My favorite room: OH, the kitchen no doubt. What Greek doesn’t live 24/7 in their kitchen? It’s just another creative outlet for me.

My favorite work of art: Really? You can’t ask an artist that question. There are a thousand favorites. So when I head to an art museum, I tend to follow my mood. “Is it Byzantine mosaics today, or Picasso’s crazy cubist portraits?”

My favorite place to travel: As a first generation American, Europe beckons me always, so I head there when I can. My bucket list is long, but I keep slowly adding those stamps to my passport.