Mary Ann Eckard

Public Relations

My role at White Good: I’m on the public relations team working on Hospitality Design and Perlick.

Education: Catawba College – Salisbury, NC – B.A. Communications

My secret talent: I can play the violin!

My favorite room: My kitchen, it is bright and white and I love that a lot of people can gather in it.

My favorite work of art: Anything my 3 year old draws me, especially when she draws pictures of our family that look like bubble-people.

My favorite place to travel: My favorite place to travel is Charleston, SC.I love the old parts of the city… and all the small alleys and tucked away restaurants. You never know when you are going to turn the corner and find something new. I love it so much that I decided to get married there!

My first job: Front desk receptionist at a hair salon. I loved it because the stylists would experiment new hair colors and trends on me (for free!)