Lauren Bollinger


My role at White Good: Public Relations

Education: Millersville University, BS in communication with a focus on public relations

My secret talent: I am scary good at folding sweaters! My time in retail has allowed me to perfect my craft of creating neat and consistent piles of clothing. I wonder, is there a sweater folding competition I can enter?

My favorite room: My living room, because it’s the first room my guests see when they visit and it’s where I spend the most time. I’ve made sure that it not only showcases my interests through my decorating (the room of many squirrels) but also that it’s extra cozy!

My favorite work of art: Lavender Mist by Jackson Pollock

My favorite place to travel: Baltimore, MD. I have gone there countless times with my family and continue to visit friends that live there. My favorite place to eat in the city is the Local Fry. Hands down, they have the best fries on the planet.

My first job: I was on the Recreation Staff at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Quarryville. And in case you were wondering, yes, I did dress up as Yogi or Boo-Boo from time to time.