Beth Meiklejohn

Public Relations

Education: BA in English from Millersville University

My Role at White Good: Public Relations account manager, working on KBIS, ICFF NYC, ICFF Miami and Luxe Home

My First Job: I worked at a veterinary hospital as a tech assistant caring for animals when I was in high school. I assisted with surgeries and vet visits, and cared for (played with) the dogs who were boarding with us. I loved it!

My Favorite Room and Why: My running trail…does that count? I’ve moved a few times in recent years, so rooms have come and gone. My local running trail, however, has remained the one constant. It’s the only place where I can clear my mind and do my best thinking. And the views are pretty amazing.

My Favorite Work of Art: Anything my twin boys draw for me. They’re little artists who color a picture for me every day at school. The best part of any weekday is picking them up and seeing what new artwork they’ve created.

My Favorite Place to Travel: So far, Italy. I had the opportunity to live in northern Italy as a child and have traveled back to other regions several times since. I love how Italian’s value their sense of community, and how good food and wine are a way of life.